A Home Veterinary Visit…or Sales Pitch?

My wife recieves a text message from the local Calbayog City Veterinarian and it states that she (the Vet) has a kitten that we might be interested in. So my wife arranges for a visit the following afternoon. She will bring the kitten to our house so that we could see it. She says it is a Siamese kitten so my wife is excited as we lost our beloved Siamese cat Ming-Ming late last year due to an unknown illness. Later this same afternoon, we went to town to run some errands and didn’t get back home until around 7:30pm; and guess who was waiting? Yup. The lady Vet and her husband. They just arrived a little early…about 20 hours to be exact! We invite them in and out from her handbag she pulls this fuzzball of a thing and sets it on the floor. One look and I said, “that’s not a Siamese.” She replied that it was a female English Longhair. I thought to myself “England is a long way from Siam!” Anyway, it was cute…a little dirty, but cute. It looked to me like a dirty mixed Persian wanna be. It was definitely not a pure bred feline. Then she drops the bomb and tells my wife that it will be P2,500 (or about $58).  For a ‘boonie’ cat???  Whoa….I thought we were doing the humanitarian thing here and adopting a cat!

Siamese, Persian or British?
Siamese, Persian or British?

Immediately Teri says well, we don’t know and then the Vet says, you just keep her tonight and let me know tomorrow. NOW, I didn’t fall that far from the fruit wagon when I was born so I know this tactic…She is anticipating that if she leaves the hairball with us, the wife will fall madly in love with its cuteness, and we will be dishing out the pesos tomorrow. It ain’t gonna happen this time!  So Teri agreed to keep the kitten overnight and the Vet left. Teri went right to work on the kitten and gave it a warm bath (she actually fell asleep under the warm water!), she cleaned her ears and eyes, dried her off and brushed her down. It was still a fuzzball! Just a little cleaner.

We are not happy about this!
We are not happy about this!

Our other two cats couldn’t believe  this was  happening to them and  both decided to go on a  cat sabbatical to who knows where.  So we played  with the kitten for  about two hours and then went to  bed. The next morning, we didn’t  waver in our  decision not to be taken advantage of. Somebody  obviously told this opportunistic Vet that we were  the local  Adoption-For-Cash  agency. They were  wrong.

So a little later on, we loaded up the fuzzball and  took her back to Calbayog City to meet the Vet, who I’m  sure was disappointed in not achieving her much-anticipated payday strike. I suggested to Teri that maybe we could charge the Vet for one night of boarding, a grooming session, two special meals, exercise program and toy rental. We could offer her a special rate, say…like P2,500?  It was just an idea.

In Loving Memory of "Ming-Ming"
In Loving Memory of “Ming-Ming”

2 thoughts on “A Home Veterinary Visit…or Sales Pitch?

  1. Too funny Randy! LOL! So did you adopt the cat or not? Either way I would have been happy but understanding about the P2,500 ! LOL C’mon brother! You know very well that’s how it goes in the PI. Just be ready and willing to accept the transition as you earlier blogged! haha! “Fair winds and following seas” mate! 🙂

  2. No way Jose, we are not paying $58 for a boonie cat when there are dozens more to choose from for free. We are still hoping she will have a change of heart and just let us give the kitty a good home. Then again, she might just be greedy enough not to!

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