A Filipina and a Cheesesteak!

While visiting Guam this week, we stopped in at the Air Force Base Exchange Food Court one day for lunch. After living in the Philippines for nearly 3 years, it was an easy lunch choice for me to make…I was having a Philly Cheesesteak! My wife decided on Popeye’s Chicken so as she walked over to that counter,I moved towards the “Fresh Hot Subs” counter. I noticed the only employee working was a middle-aged filipina who was grinning widely as I approached. She had already noticed us and while my wife was standing at the adjoining counter, she immediately started in with the 100 questions. “Is your wife filipina? Where is she from? How many children do you have?”….and so forth and so on. I explained that we were just traveling and were heading back to the Philippines in a couple of days, which was then followed by me having to answer even more questions.

Pope in dismay

As I explained that we were flying out Space-A from Anderson AFB to Clark Field in Luzon, she looked completely confused about my itinerary so I injected “Your husband, he is retired military, right?” as if that would help me guage her understanding of the military air travel system. She paused with a frown, then with a look of dismay says “No, my husband is not in the military…he is only Ilocano.”


Even in Guam, It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

5 thoughts on “A Filipina and a Cheesesteak!

  1. Great article. My wife and visited Andersen a couple years ago and we’re overdue for a trip back. Throughly enjoyed our time there and seeing the rest of Guam as well … and, of course, virtually every one we met was Filipino (except the Japanese girls we chatted with waiting for our return flight to the Philippines … loaded down with their purchases from Ross Dress For Less. What a lovely little slice of America so close to the Philippines.

  2. The first place we ate when we left the Philippines was a Subway also. Now I love Popeye’s chicken, but good sandwiches are difficult to get in our area of the Philippines, so it was an easy choice for me also. I got the Subway Club mainly because it had 3 different kinds of meat: ham, turkey and roast beef. I also made sure I got ‘extra’ pickles, since we also do not have ‘dill’ pickles in our area. It was great.
    Now I want another one.

  3. This is our 4th trip in less than 3 years. It is like a mini vacation for us, I get things I need at the Exchange and Home Depot and the wife trolls the Exchanges and K-Mart and fills her luggage. I could live there but it’s just too expensive. We went to the bowling alley on the base to bowl and a beer was $3.00! I’ll stay where I’m at thanks!

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