Retirement – Where is Your Paradise?

I Made It To The Philippines

After spending over 13 years engaged in the business of marketing and selling real estate, I made the difficult decision to retire…for the second time. Well, my first go-round was really an implied semantic of a retirement but nonetheless, I still needed to continue working to survive. The new goal was to make it to a comfortable financial position for our Golden Years. The first 20 years were easy; a secure government job, steady paycheck, benefits, and travel. Looking back, I could have done that for another 20 years. The 20 years that followed my first career was definitely more challenging as I worked and worried my way through the not-so-secure private sector in Tupelo, Mississippi. I like to say that between careers, I tested out a few gigs before settling into real estate. During this short but fulfilling second career in real estate, I learned a lot, busted my ass, and enjoyed the gains and benefits. We also enjoyed some really good times until we, like many others, learned to gallantly navigate through troubled waters during the Great Recession (2008-?? ). Some still claim that today, things are just not the same. After several tumultuous years in the real estate industry, I was forced into making a cognitive decision to step down from the workforce and retire early. This time around, my retirement goal was to pack up and move on from where we dropped anchor some 18+ years earlier. After making the decision to retire and when I look back on everything, I realize that while I progressed from being an entry-level real estate rookie agent up through managing broker/owner of a national franchise, the real highlight during those busy years has truly been helping people achieve the dream of home ownership.  There is nothing more enjoyable than handing buyers the keys to their first home and being witness to the look of excitement and relief on their faces. Along with these feelings and a complete sense of accomplishment, nothing has been more rewarding to me…aside from what lay ahead.

A New Mantra!

Much like the anxiety associated with finding and purchasing that first home, that same level of anxiety can exist when the idea of retirement finally approaches. For generations of Americans, retirement has always been considered the final installment in the Great American Dream payout. However, the aftermath of the recent “Great Recession” and our country’s lethargic economic situation has forced many people’s retirement plans to be left on the drawing table. The notion of enjoying a full retirement for many remains just that – a notion. And for some, aside from all its ambiguity, it has completely dropped off of their “bucket list” altogether. (2016- Recent research suggests that more people are leaving the U.S. and other western counties for more comfortable retirements in other havens – Mexico and the Philippines being the two top locations for expatriation.)

I can say one thing for certain – if you think you can’t afford to retire, then you will never retire! Such negative thoughts like this are the same ones we are taught as real estate agents to combat against. Successful agents have been trained to the point where negative thoughts should no longer occupy space in the mindset! But to those people who can’t seem to shake that negativity about their retirement years, know this – there are viable retirement alternatives available and it just requires practicing the concept of “out-of-the-box” thinking. Have you ever thought about living overseas?

Above Tomaligues overlooking the Samar Sea
Retired in the Philippines – Overlooking our village and the Samar Sea

It Takes a Plan!

Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’tyou’re right.”  This is where I have been helping others achieve their dream. Visit my many blog articles which help to show and prove to you that you can obtain your goals. From motivation to planning, I cover most of the realties. Nothing is sugar-coated. It can be an intimidating process, and with the right mindset (negatives removed), it is much easier than you think. It takes knowledge, confidence, and some proper financial planning. All combined, it goes a long way towards accomplishing your retirement objectives. Whether you decide to stay where you are or move abroad, remember, paradise is where you decide it is. I can hope that this site can help guide you through the many necessary steps toward a more relaxed and stress-free lifestyle, wherever your chosen paradise may be.



2 thoughts on “Retirement – Where is Your Paradise?

  1. Amazing blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers?
    I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option?
    There are so many options out there that I’m totally confused ..
    Any tips? Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Rainfirerestoration! First you must define your goals for blogging. Will it just be a hobby or do you hope to generate a income from writing? Or will you be promoting a service or product? While a WordPress site might be free, there are recurring costs such as domain name registration (annual) and website hosting fees (monthly) which can easily erase any profits you may realize. Google Adsense is not the best revenue generator in my opinion and there are easier ways to earn money online. My best suggestion is to visit Steemit is a blockchain based blogging platform that generates revenues. I have earned more on Steemit in less than one year than I have earned in 6 years on my own site. It would be a great place for any aspiring writer to start, just to see if that is what you want to do. You can find me there at @retiredinsamar… Check it out. I’d be happy to help get you there if you want. Hope to see you there!

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