5 thoughts on “New Samar Photos Added – 3.31.13

  1. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos from Samar. I haven’t been there but I have heard of good things about Samar which makes me wanna visit Samar someday. I took my husband to BOHOL and he loved it there. Maybe If time and finances allow we will visit Samar and maybe even visit you guys,

  2. Hi filipinaaz, thanks for visiting. My first visit to Samar was filled with adventure as it has so much to offer. Now I’m happy to say I’ll be living in a land full of discovery, which will keep me busy, I’m sure. Once we get settled, we would enjoy visits from those who share our interests. Plan! 😉

  3. Hi! I would just like to say thanks to what you’re doing in promoting Samar to the rest of the world through your blog. I’m a Filipina whose parents are based in Samar—grew up and studied in Manila but visited my parents in Samar (Pagsanghan, which is near Calbayog too) every summer since I was a kid. I can speak Waray too. Samar holds a very special place in my heart and I like discovering blogs and pictures of Samar from all over the Net. And extra glad when a foreigner like you also discovers it and find they like it. Cheers!

  4. I am quickly discovering that there are many more expats living in Samar than I originally thought. Many are just off the radar (blogs) so to speak. I love the natural beauty that Samar offers and I’m sure much progress is coming. Thanks for visiting.

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